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Interior Design

For more information on our interior design service click here.Great interior design requires so much more than the selection of materials and fabrics.  While these things can greatly enhance and enliven a room if the space is not functional to start with, the scheme simply won’t work.

At House Gecko I understand the importance of good spatial design; I start off with questions such as who is going to be using the space? What is it going to be used for and how often? A family of six will have very different requirements from their kitchen than a single businessperson.

I offer an exceptional Interior Design Service, coupled with Architectural Design; I can provide a complete home renovation design package.

I also excel in the re-arrangement of interior space, kitchen and bathroom design, whether you want to turn your loft into a guest bedroom with an en-suite shower room or create a light and airy open-plan living space in your basement and for everything in-between.  I offer services which can be tailored to suit the needs of your project, timescale and budget.

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